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The BAMA store for membership, burgee, ratings is now hosted on JibeSet.  Detailed instruction below.

We have Classifieds here as well.  All old classifieds have been expired and need to be re-entered.

Coming attraction will be the return of BAMA logowear!

Instructions on “New BAMA Store”

BAMA is pleased to announce a new method of joining BAMA and purchasing goods such as Burgee, PICYA Yearbooks, and Ratings Certificates though Jibeset. Additional goods will be available in the future such as BAMA gear. This is being done since the current process relies on infrastructure that is expiring and to improve the process for members, club management, and club volunteers. For those involved in racing (on the water or race deck) Jibeset is familiar. If you don’t have a profile on Jibeset as a racer, you’ll need to create one here  “Register”.

Credit cards are now a convenient option to use during a transaction.

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To join BAMA go to the main Jibeset site and select BAMA from clubs listed on the left . The above profile link is on the left “Racer” “Register”. You can also select BAMA during registration.

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The Link to BAMA on Jibeset is

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Select BAMA membership to register and to purchase goods.

“Beige” field such as “Burgee Quantity” are required.

If you have a Burgee, or don’t want to purchase at this time, enter “0” for quantity

“Website” and “purchase PICYA Yearbook” are “white” field and optional so no data entry required.

The “Red diamond” doohickey indicates that autofill is off. This ensures current info is entered.

If you don’t yet have a boat, or are between boats, enter “None” or “0” in required “Beige” fields.

Fill out the required info and pay. Fee has been board approved modest increase to cover increased operating costs of transitioning to new IT server and associated costs.

If you don’t intend to race. You’re done!

If you intend to race, Select “Ratings Services” on the BAMA page of Jibeset “Register” and purchase the appropriate rating. Options for additional boats (including beach cats such as Hobie, Nacra etc) and configurations of a boat (OD, Formula, Light Air, Heavy air etc) are available. Only one rating cert is valid at a time and a change fee to revert to an earlier 2018 certificate is available at minimal cost. This would allow a racer to race in one configuration for a series and another for a regatta (such as RBBS, Nationals etc) and then revert back to series configuration. Only one certificate/configuration per series.

Once you purchase a ratings product, apply for the 2018 rating on the BAMA Ratings site which also has contact info on ratings topics

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Non member beach cat ratings are available.

Non member out of area ratings are also available. Out of area is defined as 250 miles from center of Golden Gate Bridge,-121.4367855,7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcded139783705509!8m2!3d37.8199286!4d-122.4782551

Right click on location icon, select measure distance

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Current J-ratings are listed as well as members.

Once you join BAMA, you will be able to request contact to another BAMA member after you login


Click on current members





SF BAMA (Jan 7, 2018)

Join-BAMA-New-Store-Instructions-rev0.pdf       Instructions also posted on Jibeset