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YRA : Northern California Yacht Racing Association

Alameda InterClub, a series of races hosted adjacent to Alameda by the clubs and associations of Alameda and adjacent. Details, results on ourrace pagewith forum.

PICYA: Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association

BAMA – 100th Member Club of PICYA

Jan 24th, 2004 Meeting Report

This was my first PICYA meeting in many years. The Discovery Bay Yacht Club hosted the event and there were over a hundred delegates and others in attendance. The bar was adequately provisioned and the dinner of prime rib and baked potato was excellent. The business meeting began with opening remarks and jokes by Commodore Vern Bendsen who was later given an electronic joke handheld. Evidently, he is renowned for his jokes and he missed few opportunities for humor.

The meeting continued with some reports of officers and then a speech by a staff member of BoatUS on safety and environmental work they were doing. Our table was tucked behind the lectern, so I had to peek around the American Flag to see what was going on. Then there were some reports from clubs, variously introducing new delegates, commodores and RBOC donations. I was introduced as a new delegate by Coyote Point YC as we have recently joined and I had offered to assist in their PICYA affairs (they have two other delegates) since I was going to be attending meetings for BAMA anyway. I was not aware of the exact status of BAMA’s membership; more on that later.

After a couple of reports of officers I realized that I ought to be taking some notes:

  • Spring Leadership Conference – A meeting is to be held on February 28, for delegates to learn about what is happening in the boating community for 2004. It is at the Aeolian YC which makes it feasible for me to attend (some of the meetings are way up in the Delta or even at Lake Tahoe). We get 10 brownie points towards Club of the Year if we send a delegate. For a newbie, it sounds like a good way to get up to speed.
  • Opening Day Celebrations – I am sure everybody is aware of Opening Day on the Bay, Sunday, April 25. The theme this year is “Follow Your Rainbow”. Lots of CotY points are to be awarded for participation in various categories. Of interest is the South Bay Opening Day which is earlier this year: Saturday April 3, with a compatible theme of “A Bridge to the Future”. As a past member of the Redwood City boating community and former PYC officer I can attest the event is lots of fun. Sequoia YC is hosting a radio-controlled yacht race (they have 50 or so similar boats) and PYC as usual is handling the party. There is a little estuary by Pete’s Harbor that is deep enough for anchoring even at low tide and another, Westpoint Slough, near the channel entrance. I doubt there is dock space for multihulls anywhere in the area.
  • PICYA Yearbook Orders – There was a reminder for clubs to get their orders in for the annual yearbook. It’s basically a ‘Who’s Who in the Yachting Community’ with club contact information, facilities, officers and members. Wholesale price is $10 and it is a good reference. Do I recall this is included in our enormous dues increase this year?
  • Director Contacts – Due to the large number of clubs in the association, a new structure has been put in place to facilitate communication between clubs and the PICYA. Basically, each PICYA Board member now acts as principal liaison to a subset of the clubs. It is modeled after the RBOC communication system.
  • PICYA Events Calendar – Clubs were requested to post their calendar of traditional events to the PICYA so that these dates would be visible to the officers when planning association functions. Likely already on everybody’s calendars is the Doublehanded Farallones Race, but we ought to submit it anyway. Do we have others that we want to be included? Please advise me.
  • BAMA becomes Centennial Member – The next item on the agenda was our pending request for membership, and it was unanimously approved. I had not seen Bob Naber arrive (he was caught in traffic) but was pleased when he took the podium to exchange burgees with the PICYA as their 100th member club. Bob did not introduce a BAMA delegate as there was evidently some confusion in his mind as to my affiliation given my previous introduction by CPYC. Mea Culpa, I had not shared my other relationship with him and we agreed later that we had both dropped the ball on this. Anyway, just to set the record straight; I have volunteered to be the BAMA delegate and also offered my services to be a part of the CPYC delegate team. Other delegates represent more than one YC, CPYC is ok with my BAMA allegiance and I see no conflict of interest. Is this cool with everybody?
  • Club of the Year – Benecia YC threw down the gauntlet to the other clubs to break their four year winning streak for this award. I have a schedule of ways to win points in this competition. Poll me if you want more information.
  • Delegate Name Badge – Most of the delegates seem to have been doing this for quite a while and had longstanding friendships. PICYA’s First (1958) Commodore Ferd Luscher (formerly Palo Alto YC now merged with CPYC) was there and received standing honors. Most of the other delegates have some kind of name badge that helps people with the myriad names and faces, burgees and affiliations in a group that size. I will investigate and submit a proposal to the Board.

Finally, as a personal note, we moved Bebe from San Leandro over to Coyote Point over the Christmas holidays. The birds of San Leandro finally drove us out after two fall seasons of red berry-poop all over the boat. It is 18 less miles of driving to go sailing, a great YC about to celebrate their 75th year on the bay and a fine – if at times hair raising – spinnaker ride back from the central bay. I think until we get our chute takedowns more under control we will take the east side of the bay and then reach across to the marina under the San Bruno shoal. We have an inside side tie on dock 18 and so far many interested visitors to our boat.

Best regards,

Jeff Eastman