Obtain a Multihull PHRF Certificate

2019 Certificates

Rating Certificates are issued by the Ratingchair@sfbama.org

A 2019 Application is required if the boat is:

  1. New to the fleet, or
  2. Modified from 2018, or
  3. Without a 2018 Handicap

4 Steps to Obtain a Multihull PHRF Certificate

  1. Download the application form.  Applications require the dimensions of your boat, including hull, sails and rig. The Application has diagrams & explanations with sample measurements.
    1. Download the Application in Excel format:  BAMA-Rating_App_Diagrams-15.xlsx
    2. Download the Application in PDF format:  BAMA-Rating_App_Diagrams-4.pdf
  2. Purchase the PHRF Certficate  here    or through the mail.  Click here to read the Instructions for purchase a membership.
  3. Send the completed form and supporting documents to the Rating Chair, RatingChair@sfbama.org
  4. Applications typically take 2 – 4 weeks to review before a certificate will be issued if no additional information is requested. 


If you wish to appeal the rating, please download the BAMA Rating Appeal Form and email the completed form to ratingchair@sfbama.org .


PHRF Committee
Amy Wells and Dave Wilhite, Ratings CoChair ratingchair@sfbama.org
Chris Harvey minzuki@prodigy.net
Jim Antrim jka@AntrimDesign.com
Jeremy Boyette jboyette63@gmail.com
Steve Green slackwater_sf@hotmail.com

One-Design Rating (ODR) applications have the Class Rule sail dimensions on supporting pages. The template applications are posted to facilitate One Design racing.

BAMA issues PHRF Handicaps for multihulls to race in the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay and Lake Tahoe at the request of the YRA PHRF Committee (NCPHRF) using their rules and guidelines with US Sailing guidance. BAMA PHRF Handicaps are determined relative to boats in the local Bay Area multihull fleet, using One-Design & National Association guidelines where they exist, other regional data, local race results and RatingRules as applicable.

BAMA uses Texel (NDL, AUS, DEN, CSA), SCHRS (World Sailing), MOCRA (UK) and Multi2000 (FRA) Rating Rules for multihulls over 15 feet. The Rating may be used to calibrate the initial PHRF Handicap.

BAMA recommends that multihulls & monohulls should not be scored in the same section or division in any competitive event in alignment with US Sailing PHRF (2).

  Initial PHRF Handicaps will be considered provisional in nature for boats new or unfamiliar to the committee. These handicaps may be reviewed and perhaps changed after one season or a series of races has transpired.

The BAMA PHRF Handicap Committee may decline to handicap any yacht for which it feels unable to determine a potential speed.

BAMA policy is all documentation must be submitted prior to issuing a PHRF Handicap. No handicap will be given over the phone or without full documentation having been made available to the entire committee.

The Committee may invalidate a Certificate at any time where cause is in evidence such as incorrect dimensions or other than declared equipment is used. Due process will be exercised to allow the owner to be heard and corrections made if the owner in the view of the Committee provides justification.