Joining BAMA and obtaining a rating is simple and convenient. Summary of steps:

1- Apply for Membership. Register for forums to follow and to participate in discussions of interest ( Summary and Detailed guide on Forums) You can subscribe to the topics of interest with frequency of email notification under your User Profile/Settings/Notifications. Options are Off- Message center only, On, On Daily, On Weekly. That way you can pick the topics of your interest and the frequency of email notifications. Viewing Latest Activity is a good way to see whats “Hot” or “New”

If you don’t intend to race, that’s it!

2-If you intend to race, you’ll also need a multihull rating/s (MPHRF)

3-You’ll need to join BAMA first to purchase a membership if you live within 250 miles of the Golden Gate Bridge and your boat is not a beach cat/Nacra type. Additional certificates can be purchased for additional boats and also additional configurations of a boat (say Formula vs One Design). Only one certificate is valid at a time and there is a nominal change fee for reverting to a previous rating of the current year (say you are in a multi-month race series for one rating but want another rating for weekend regatta such as National’s, RBBS etc)

4- Rating Certificates do not require BAMA Membership for Beach/Nacra type boats or those who live beyond 250 miles of Golden Gate Bridge

5- Once you purchase a ratings certificate/s you still need to apply for a certificate

Detailed instructions with links to apply are available at Membership and Ratings Store Instructions

Welcome to BAMA!