Saturday, March 24, 2018 

Five Concurrent Double Handed Races “DHF plus 4”

DHF – Farallones, DHWB – Weather Buoy, DHSB – Sea Buoy, DHG7 – Ship Channel G7, DHBL – Boundary Line

Change to a shorter course if desired before the start or on the course

Safety at Sea Seminar recommended but not required. Both crew required to meet Basic and Venue Education Requirements

Watch the race live from AIS, Cell/Traccar, SPOT/Delorme, Jibeset IoT data -> Tracking Info  Replay also available post race including GPS tracks

 Overview 2018 SI – 39th Doublehanded Farallones Plus 4  Nice Preview in L38

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2018 Discussion Forums, Results, Pics

Check Racer Status                           Preliminary Results !

Sailing Anarchy 2018 Pressure Drop 2018   Start Pics  Reportee BAMA 2018  Pics  Slackwater

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Pictures, videos, stories

Photos to purchase by  h2oshots  Rockskipper  


Skippers’ Meeting Guest Speakers

Waterways Overview: USCG VTS
7:00-7:20 pm
DSC Overview:



US Coast Guard Command Center:DSC Demonstration

7:35-8:00 pm

“SNAFU in the Coastal Cup!”

Story: Pressure Drop and Latitude 38

8:00-8:25 pm 

Race Preparation

R2AK Winner L38 Story


Specialist Mike Carlson Mark Eastham OS1 Jess LaRue Karl and Rodney ! Randy Miller


2018 will be similar to 2017 shown ->   

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Check your Entry Status Online too!


2018 Notice of RACE (NOR) ,

Sailing Instructions (SI),
Final Fleet Divisions 5 pm Mar 23, 2018

and Liability Release/Waivers

Course Chart

Farallones and Ocean Race Library Stories

“DSC Calling: Who’s Gonna Answer?” 

DSC demo video

DSC Testing

Kimball Livingston SF Doublehanded racing scene

Replay the 2017 race via provided GPS tracks

SmartPhone GPS Track Recording


Check back for Awards date/location – after Hawaii races due to Server move Mar 31 update

Skippers’ meeting, Wednesday March 21, 2018 7:00 p.m. at the Oakland Yacht Club. All skippers are requested to attend and bring their handheld DSC VHF radio (familiarize yourself with waypoint screen in advance). Any changes in starting procedures, course limits, division placement, etc., will be announced at this meeting. Each skipper is responsible for acquiring information of such changes. T-Shirts for 2018 at Trophy presentation.  


Doors open at 5:30 pm OYC

Final Race Entries, GPS Download / replay assistance from BAMA, MMSI information.

6:55 pm Introduction and Overview

7:00 pm VTS

7:20-8:00 pm DSC Overview and Demo (bring your handheld VHF radio)

8:00 pm Guest Speakers “SNAFU”

8:25 pm R2AK winner Randy Miller on race prep

9:00-9:30 pm Skipper’s Meeting – changes in SI, Fleet assignments

9:30 pm Q&A, Social, Tracking

10:00 PM Adjourn and vacate!

2017 Trophies and Awards

2017 Results by Course

2017 Results by Fleet

Perpetual Trophies:

Yacht Lowest Elapsed Time Crewmember, Dennis Madigan Perpetual Trophy

Yacht Lowest Corrected Time, Harvey Shlasky Perpetual Trophy

First Monohull,  Stewart Kett Memorial Trophy,

Yacht Club Team, Pineapple Sails Yacht Club Trophy


NOAA Tidal Current Tables

EPIRB Rental   Link #1 Link#2

Replay 2011 Replay 2012 Replay 2013 Information