2020 DHF Race

41st Annual

2020 Double Handed Farallones Race

September 19, 2020


From the start inside San Francisco Bay alongside the Golden Gate Yacht Club, the fleet heads out to sea and around the Southeast Farallone Island, and then to the finish.  The distance of the course over ground is approximately 58 nautical miles.  

This is an epic race for monohulls and multihulls.  The conditions can be challenging and are often used as a trial for longer offshore events.

Register for the Race at Jibeset

Because of COVID 19 restrictions we are required to maintain social distancing and presently we are capped to only 60 participants.  However we are currently seeking clarification on this matter because this restriction seems to apply to soccer players and the like. 

The race will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the rules of the Bay Area Multihull Association. RRS appendices B through appendix H shall not apply to this race.

Between the hours of sunset and sunrise the Steering and Sailing Rules from COLREGS (International Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea) shall replace Part 2 of the RRS.

In accordance with the purpose of the race , those sections of the RRS, which prohibit practices or equipment that are or may prove useful to the short-handed ocean sailor, may be waived at the discretion of the Race Committee.

Specifically the following will be allowed:

• Twin headsails set on two poles for downwind sailing.
• A whisker pole of suitable size for the largest rated headsail may be carried without penalty, but may not be used with the spinnaker.
• Self-steering and autopilots.

Visit our Safety at Sea section of the website and plan to attend the DHF Skippers’ Meeting via video. 

Contact dhf41@sfbama.org for more information