2009 Officers

BAMA 2009 Board of Directors

Picture of Bill Roberts   Chairman – Bill Roberts
Picture of Bob Naber's Face   Co-Chairman – Bob Naber
Bob Naber resumes his job as Co-Chairman of  BAMA.  He was BAMA Chairman in 2002 and 2003, and has previously served as Treasurer at the Island Yacht Club.  Bob owns and sails Devoras, a Kantola 38, a fast cruising trimaran berthed at Alameda Marina. 
You may email him at k38bob at aol dot com.
Picture of Chris harvey   Race Coordinator – Chris Harvey
Chris has been an active BAMA member for many years, both racing and cruising. He has been chairman, co-chairman, and many other positions on the BoD we don’t recall. He promoted cruising by creating the Lake Tahoe Harmonic Convergence, and created the F-27 one-design racing fleet. Chris’ email address is racechair at sfbama dot org
Picture of Bill Pace   Secretary – Bill Pace
Bill Pace’s email address is sfbsec at sfbama dot org
n/a   Treasurer – Stephan Wendl
Stephan Wendl owns a Seawind 1000XL “YangFan” since 2002. He and his son enjoy cruising during the warm weather. They have been to Mexico and back a few years ago and regularly spend time during summer in the Delta. Stephan used to own half a catamaran (catalina 34) which he quickly traded up to a more pleasant sailing platform after getting to know the pleasures of Catamaran Comfort.
His email address is treasurer at sfbama dot org
Picture of Arian Bok   Publicity – Arian Bok
n/a    Social/Cruising – Gary Miskell
Gary can be reached at sfbcruise at sfbama.org
Picture of Glenn Fagerlin
  Librarian – Glenn Fagerlin
Glenn has previously been treasurer for BAMA and on Perception has hosted more parties on Perception than anyone can count.  (Central heating and air conditioning really attracts a crowd.)  
Glenn’s email address is gf at sracorp dot com