2004 Officers

BAMA 2004 Board of Directors

  Chairman – Rich Kerbavaz
Rich Kerbavaz takes over Bob Naber‘s former job as BAMA Chair for 2004.  Rich and his family race and cruise on Mood Indigo, their 2001 Gemini 105Mc catamaran.  Moving to a multihull from their dearly loved Cal 29 has been a revelation, and the whole family are now converts.  The Kerbavaz kids will be taking part in the entire BAMA social calendar again in 2004, and would love to have more multihull families join in.
email us at: saile4 at msn.com

  Co-chairman – Christopher Harvey
Christopher is the 2004 Co-chairman of BAMA and has been actively involved with BAMA both on and off the water since aquiring his F-27, Three Sigma.  Christopher was at the helm of BAMA through the Millineum serving as BAMA Chairman in 1999, 2000, and 2001 and contined as BAMA Co-chairman in 2002 and 2003.  An active racer and cruiser throughout, among Christopher’s legacies are the original organization of the Lake Tahoe Harmonic Convergence and conceptualization of the annual BAMA Cup competition.
email: minzuki at prodigy.net

  Race Coordinator – Todd Olsen
Todd is the BAMA Race Coordinator for 2004.  Todd aquired his Corsair F-27, Raptor, in 2001 after a long career of sailing monohulls on the Bay and has been racing it actively since.  Todd has already sailed the BAMA Doublehanded Farallones Race twice on Raptor and in 2003 sailed Raptor to double victory by sweeping the Alameda Interclub Series and winning the second annual BAMA Cup competition in a close contest.
email: OlsenNgu at aol.com

  Secretary – Terri Johnson
After leading a phenomenal 2003 cruising season as BAMA Social/Cruising Director, Terri takes over the job of BAMA Secretary.  When Terri isn’t cruising or racing aboard her Gemini 105 Mc, Double Play, she enjoys taking care of BAMA paperwork.  In addition to her role in BAMA, Terri is an active member of Encinal Yacht Club.
email: terrijohnson at sbcglobal.net
n/a   Treasurer – Mary Holden
Mary and Rich Holden are co-owners of the F-27 Seabird and are longstanding memebers of BAMA. Mary enjoys the mellower side of Seabird and with husband Rich cruises Seabirdin comfort where ever they want to go.  Mary and Rich make an annual trip up the Sacramento Delta and have brought Seabird to locations as diverse as Florida, the Pacific NW, Lake Tahoe and Mexico.  Mary is also known for coordinating several BAMA get-togethers and annual Christmas Parties.
email: martholden at aol.com 

  Social/Cruising – Claudette Miskell
Claudette made a big splash in the BAMA community last year with the brilliant participation of her Catana 431, Jitterbug, in the 2003 Cat Nip Cup.  Cruising strong all year, Claudette and husband Gary rounded out 2003 by volunteering Jitterbug as the BAMA entry for the Alameda Estuary Lighted Boat Parade and took home first place.  This year Claudette is rallying the troops as BAMA Social/Cruising Director starting with a fresh 2004 Cruising Calender.
email: cmiskell at comcast.net

  Publicity – Gary Helms
About fourteen years ago, self-proclaimed ‘boat junkie’ Gary Helms had an experience that “twisted my entire perception of what sailing was all about.” At the time, he’d owned a number of boats, including a Norseman 40, Islander 44, Mapleleaf 48 and Moore 24. Then he took a ride on a Corsair F-27 trimaran and was hooked immediately. Now the Northern California dealer for Corsair, Gary currently sails Corsair’s rocket and all out racing boat, the Corsair 31R, White Knuckles.
email: HELMZ at aol.com
n/a   Librarian – Rich Holden
Rich is a long time BAMA member and activly sails SeaBird, his Corsair F-27.  In addition to cruising Rich likes to race!  Look for Rich and Seabird at the front of the fleet.  He has been the first F-27 to cross the line in over 90% of the races he has entered (Yes….90%!!!!!). 
email: RichSail at aol.com