Re: multihull‏ (handicaps w/monohulls)

From: Paul J. Ansfield
Sent: Tue 4/07/09 7:23 AM
Cc:  slackwater_sf



I have read and considered recent email communications regarding performance handicapping of multihulls.  My comment on one aspect of the content I have read follows.

Whatever best practice for developing a performance handicap for multihulls maybe, there is strong evidence that multihulls and monohulls should not be raced in the SAME section or division in any competitive event.  The two types of craft move differently around the same race course no matter the wind and water influences on the race.  There is an advantage or disadvantage for one or the other hull form that a handicap cannot manage.  In addition many multihull owners modify the original design of their boat (redesign?). This proves difficult in providing a handicap considering these modifications and denoting each in a database of dimensions and  handicaps that is instructive to other handicappers.

Paul Ansfield, USPHRF Committee Chairperson